Here is what people are saying about our book so far!


“I am confident that readers of this book will become inspired to plant a garden that contains at least a few medicinals. They will change your life for the better, in many wonderful ways.”

—Barbara Fahs of Hi‘iaka’s Healing Herb Garden, Kea‘au, Hawaii, author of Super Simple Guide to Creating Hawaiian Gardens

AND, after she received her printed copy of the book, this is what she emailed us from the big island!

Amazing! I JUST received the book yesterday and JUST finished reading thru it,  every page! It looks absolutely wonderful–so beautiful,  the info is so solid and well-written and I am so honored to be a part of it and so proud of you and Dede for the hard work I know it takes to put together a book of this nature.


“In their new book, The Medicinal Gardening Handbook: A Complete Guide to Growing, Harvesting, and Using Healing Herbs, authors Dede Cummings and Alyssa Holmes instruct readers how to use homemade teas and healing salves. As craft tea and medicinal gardening seep into the mainstream, herb gardens are becoming a popular way for people to bypass the store and enjoy the health benefits without additives or preservatives.”

—The Associated Press


And Medicinal Gardening Review S&Hmag from Spirituality & Health Magazine



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