Transition into Spring

It’s been quite the winter here in Vermont, the coldest one recorded ever actually!

Spring feels exciting and long-awaited, but never the less, can be a struggle for our bodies to go through the shift.

The frosting and heaving that the earth is doing, to create mud season, and eventually true spring, is sort of a mirror to what our bodies go through, hence the very common spring cold that so many of us get for this right of passage. It’s like traveling, and our immune systems appreciate some support and gentle loving care at this time.

Starting in April most likely, the herbs will start to emerge, and the ones that do, are the ones that we must pay the most attention to: they are our allies for the time, and young shoots can be collected and eaten or made into teas.

baby-nettlesKeep your eyes open for nettles—filled with blood building and cleansing properties and packed with minerals, vitamins, and chlorophyll. Nettles support the kidneys, are a general tonic to the entire body, and can help with asthma-type conditions, as well as spring allergies!

I’d suggest drinking a daily infusion through March and April that goes something like this: nettle, dandelion, plantain, comfrey and mint. Of course vary it to the plants around you, or what your body is craving, but its generally a good time to cleanse and build the blood.

Enjoy this time! Don’t work too hard!



Ode to Nettle

IMG_6578It would be difficult to do, because I have such a deep love for so many herbs, but, if I had to pick a favorite that I hold dearest to my heart…it would be nettle.

Nettle has been such a faithful and steadfast daily herbal ally for me for about ten years. I feel that we have merged and become one, that when I drink nettle infusion, it is bonding with my very blood, and every cell of my body. I sometimes feel like Popeye when I drink my infusion, strong and robust. I usually brew up a quart and let it stand overnight, excited to unveil my deep green drink in the morning. It feels so nourishing and hydrating–similar to an electrolyte drink such as coconut water.

Nettle as been especially beneficial for me during my two pregnancies. I drank it almost every day, sometimes alternating with red raspberry leaf, and a few others, but for the most part nettle was my drink of choice. I felt that it helped me with all aspects and symptoms of pregnancy making for a healthy, enjoyable time in my life. I also believe that it delivered vitamin K to my infants, which they so need for proper blood clotting in the first few weeks of life.

I feel a foundation of health and strength in my body, which I attribute in large part to the regular consumption of nettle. I rarely drink plain water-it does not feel as hydrating!