Herbal Abundance

July!!! Everything is blooming and growing a mile a minute! It is the highpoint of the growing season here in Vermont. What a wonderful time of overwhelming abundance and absolute beauty. I sometimes have to calm myself down, take some deep breaths, and realize that everything will not get harvested, and processed to its full potential.

I’m interested in what each herbalist prioritizes this time of year, because the options are endless….

Recently I’ve been focused on:

~setting up drying racks in the school bus so that it can become a drying tunnel for herbs!

~Harvesting Elder blossoms, Echinacea leaves and flowers, Mugwort, Yarrow, Lemon balm, Peppermint, Sage, Lavender, Thyme, and Roses.

~Harvesting Calendula, St., Johnswort, Comfrey, and Plantain, and using them to make fresh oils for the year to come. I will use some of these in formulas, and salves. This is one of the most simple yet rewarding things you can do with herbs! Here’s how: Step 1- fill a jar with the fresh herb you’ll be wanting to extract the healing properties from. Step 2- pour oil (I usually use a high quality Olive oil, because of its inherent medicinal properties and ability to extract many of the herbs benefits) over the herbs to fill the jar, poke at it-with a knife or chop stick to get the air bubbles out, make sure all herbs are submerged. Step 3- cover and let sit, shaking daily, in a warm window for 2-4 weeks. Step 4- strain the oil and squeeze as much as you can from the herbs, bottle into dark colored bottles, label and store!

Summer Herbal Blessings!


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