The Book is Out & Spring has sprung!

ChamomileSpring is a time of motion, and massive transition—not only with the earth and the change of the season, but within ourselves and our bodies. Spring is a beautiful time to do some gentle cleansing by eating foods such as fresh greens, asparagus, dandelion, and nettle shoots. It is also a good time for drinking infusions filled with rejuvenating, mildly cleansing herbs such as red clover, nettle, dandelion, yellowdock, and plantain.

As the rivers are melting and flowing again, it’s the time when we start moving, frolicking, leaping about in the wild places, or on the sidewalks and in playgrounds and parks.

Let us go easy, and remember to not push too hard— remember that we don’t have to get the entire garden planted right away in May; to take it slow and notice, sit, be. The green world is unfolding, and we don’t want to miss it.

This is the time to dig, to turn, and to fortify the soil you will be planting herbs into. Have you decided what you’re going to grow this year? What perennials you may get from a friend or neighbor, or what annuals you are starting from seed, or buying seedlings of at the farmers market?

I got a whole lot of Tulsi Basil seeds to put into the ground this year, and plan on making a large area filled with Chamomile that will be trimmed down frequently, so that we can actually lie in it to take naps!

I urge each of us to do one fun thing like this each year…just for our pleasure, to be able to reflect on all our hard work, and reap the many benefits.

Enjoy the spring. work. relax. admire.


PS/Today is the big day! Our book is officially out and available online and in bookstores nationwide. Local (Brattleboro, Vermont) readers will find the book at Everyone’s Books on Elliot Street; others can simply call or visit their local indie bookstore and ask for it! Thanks for all your support.


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